Progress 1959-2017


In his career of fifty years and counting, the iconic multidisciplinary pop artist John Van Hamersveld creates influential, instantly recognizable, and ubiquitous graphic design.

At the start of his career, Van Hamersveld created the timeless, culturally transcendent "Endless Summer" film poster while he was still attending art school at Art Center and Chouinard. The "Endless Summer" image proved to be just the beginning, as Van Hamersveld immersed himself in the rock n' roll scene, creating renowned poster art and album design for the Stones, Hendrix, and the Beatles, to name a few.

Subsequently, Van Hamersveld designed the official poster and mural for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, the branding and logos for Fatburger, the 2009 Billabong Pipeline Poster, and the current Viva Vision "Signs of Life" Las Vegas Fremont Street experience.

In 2013, CSUN Art Gallery displayed Van Hamersveld's impressive "Drawing Attention" exhibition. This exhibit highlighted one-hundred of his extraordinary drawn works. His "Waterworks Collection" showcased the larger-than-life mural of his Billabong Pipeline Masters wave. Gingko Press published the 160-page Drawing Attention exhibit catalog.

Most recently, Van Hamersveld has created several public and private works including the Topaz mural, the Bambi mural, the Hermosa Beach Surf mural, and the Signs of Life visual experience installation at FIGat7th.

Van Hamersveld continues to create and inspire. From psychedelic pop art to brand identity projects, Van Hamersveld creates flawless iconic images, and they become permanently embedded in our collective consciousness.